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Fees & Appointments

Professional Fees

Diagnostic/Initial Evaluation (90 minutes): $400

Individual Psychotherapy Session (45 minutes): $275 

Parent Appointment (45 minutes): $275

Family Psychotherapy Session (45 minutes): $300

Phone Consultation with Patient or Other Professional (1/4 hour): $92

Letter/Report Writing (1/4 hour): $92

I kindly request that sessions are paid for at the time of each appointment by cash, check, or charge (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).


Although I do not participate with insurance companies, I will prepare a bill for you to submit to your health insurance company. Often they do reimburse even when the provider is out of network. I will also gladly complete any paperwork your insurance company requires. I recommend that you check with your own insurance company to determine their reimbursement policies and procedures.


Please contact me at 301.787.4459 or for more information or to make an appointment.